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Realization (Collection) Law Course
  1. BulletMonitoring a loan to prevent loss

  2. BulletProperly demanding payment of a defaulted loan

  3. BulletComplying with the notice and reporting provisions of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act

  4. BulletIdentifying the difference in foreclosing on farmland and non-farmland (Saskatchewan)

  5. BulletMaking your General Security Agreements work for you

  6. BulletRealizing on accounts receivable

  7. BulletSeizing farm machinery

  8. BulletGarnishing wages

  9. BulletEnforcing Judgments

  10. BulletComplying with a farmer’s right of first refusal to buy farmland (Saskatchewan)

  11. BulletUnderstanding how bankruptcy affects Credit Unions

Courses: Lending Law, Member Services Law, Realization, Wills and Estates