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Lending Law Course
  1. BulletMaking the Personal Property Security Act your best lending friend

  2. BulletAvoiding multiple registrations in the Personal Property Registry

  3. BulletAvoid becoming a fiduciary to your borrower

  4. BulletPerfecting purchase money security interests

  5. BulletPerfecting a security interest by registration or possession

  6. BulletEnsuring guarantees are enforceable

  7. BulletComplying with The Cost of Credit Disclosure Act

  8. BulletDetermining priority between Bank Act and provincial security interests

  9. BulletTaking homestead mortgages (Saskatchewan)

  10. BulletEvaluating environment risk

  11. BulletUnderstanding the seven types of personal property held as collateral

  12. BulletAmending mortgages

  13. BulletUsing Multi-Purposes Mortgages (Manitoba)

Courses: Lending Law, Member Services Law, Realization, Wills and Estates